The information security industry becomes more fragmented and complex every day.

Both enterprise technology buyers and capital markets participants need clarity and focus to see the real value in the marketplace.

Today’s marketplace of information security products is more complex than ever.  As new technologies such as cloud computing, the adoption of mobile devices and the “Internet of things” drive new product opportunities for vendors, it becomes difficult for customers to understand the subtle differences between similar solutions.

InterPoint Group helps security product and service buyers at companies navigate this highly fragmented and nuanced world by focusing on the value that individual technologies, products and vendors can provide to their global enterprise.

For investors including venture capital, private equity and other capital market entities, InterPoint Group delivers detailed, quantitative pre-investment evaluation of the information security posture of target companies, as well as information security M&A advisory services for acquisition candidates.

Our research and analysis capabilities include:

Requirements-Driven Product Evaluation.  Make enterprise buying decisions the right way, based on how well individual products and services match your needs -- not simply how vendors compare to each other.

Security Due Diligence.  Quantitative pre-investment evaluation of target companies, designed for venture capital, private equity, institutional investors and other capital markets participants.

M&A Advisory.  Standards-driven evaluation and comparison of security posture, including identification of integration challenges, for both buyers and candidates in merger and acquisition transactions.

Custom Research.  Tightly-scoped white papers, market analysis, and other research vehicles to provide clarity for your business decisions.

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