program and project management isn't just about measurement;

it's also about enabling people through trust, action and accountability.

Many consulting firms focus their efforts on telling their clients what they need to do, but have precious little real experience actually implementing the solutions they recommend.  Often, their approaches lack a broad understanding of the unique attributes of each enterprise that makes their solutions difficult to implement -- technically, fiscally or politically.

InterPoint Group not only designs new information security programs and right-sizes existing programs by aligning them to real business drivers, but we also know how to plan and implement the actual projects behind those programs.  PMI-based methodologies, coupled with advanced project and program tracking capabilities, allow InterPoint Group to execute on virtually any project or program where accountability and demonstrated return on investment (ROI) are a must.

Our program and project management capabilities include:

Outsourced and Interim CISO.  Dedicated, experienced information security executives for organizations that are either in transition between CISOs, or seeking the cost efficiencies of an outsourced security executive.

Security Program Development.  End-to-end development of information security programs, as well as re-alignment of existing programs to reduce risk and improve service levels.

Enterprise Program Management.  Planning, management and reporting of complex, multi-faceted security and technology programs, with measurable return on investment (ROI).

Tactical Project Management.  Comprehensive, hands-on execution of highly technical projects targeted at meeting specific goals, timeframes and budgets, using trusted PMI-based methodologies.

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